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      their hopes that you will soon be back with us. We all miss

      "I wasn't in no hurry," answered Si. "That was only regler marchin' gait.""... Sometimes." He waited. Soon she would stop, and he could leave, and....

      Quiet for a minute, and then:Then suddenly she began to plead:

      After they had shared a tincupful of applejack that a teamster supplied them the Sergeant's heart thawed out a little.The Sergeant caught Shorty by the shoulder, and pushed him out of the room, with much apparent roughness, but really using no more force than would make a show, while muttering his adjurations to cool down.

      "Help me, Naomi," he pleaded, "fur I can't manage wudout you."The others whispered.


      "You'd think, from the way the bird 's singing, and the flowers blooming, that there'd never been a gun fired within a hundred miles o' here."


      "Undecided?" the voice asked.Air conditioning had done something to minimize the reek inside, but not much. Albin devoted most of his attention to keeping his face a complete mask. The last thing he wanted was to retchnot in front of the Alberts, who didn't really exist for him, but in front of Derban. And the party (which he wasn't going to think about) hadn't left his stomach in perfect shape.


      "The best thing," said Harry, forgetting his sorrow in the exciting memories of the fight, "was to see the Orderly sock his bayonet up to the shank in the rebel, and you blow off that officer's head"