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      Mme. de Montagu started first with her husband, leaving her boy with her aunt and her girl with a friend. As they were still on the proscribed list they travelled under the names of M. et Mme. Mongros. They took up their quarters in Paris at a small house kept by an old servant of M. de Thsan, where they found their cousin, the Duchesse de Duras and the Doudeauville, living under their own names, in little rooms very clean, but so scantily furnished that if any visitors arrived they had to borrow chairs from each other.

      "Loving, loyal!" he cried, with passionate scorn. "You had deceived and dishonoured meyou had made your name a by-worda jest for such a man as Vansittart Crowtherand for how many more? You had lied, and lied, and lied to meby every look, by every word that made you seem a virtuous woman and a faithful wife. My God, what misery!"Conspicuous amongst these was Barras, who, though his hands were deeply dyed in the blood of the Terror, belonged to one of the noblest families in Provence.

      Trafford looked straight before him. He could not say to her that her two millions made up for lack of rank and position.

      "No," she cried, with a sudden piteous change in her face, "I can't remember."


      "You are so impatient," she said, plucking a handful of roses, and scattering the petals at her feet. "A year is so short a time."


      She did not answer, and they remained silent for some minutes, she seated on a bank covered with heather and wild flowers; he stretched on the short, sweet turf at her feet. The heather had not begun to show its purple bloom,[Pg 89] but there was the gold of the gorse, and the brightness of innumerable wild flowers around and about them as they basked in the sunshine.