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      The sun is so hotand I was alone at my weaving, stammered the poor young wife with a burning blush.

      By Zeus! he exclaimed, believe me or not as you choose, but Ive always had a presentiment that the eagle might become a crow.

      [1] "Nos plats, quoyque de bois, nous co?tent plus cher que les v?tres; ils sont de la valeur d'une robe de castor, c'est dire cent francs."Lettre du P. Du Peron son Frre, 27 Avril, 1639.The Father's appraisement seems a little questionable.

      424 It is a matter of some interest to trace the fortunes of the shattered fragments of a nation once prosperous, and, in its own eyes and those of its neighbors, powerful and great. None were left alive within their ancient domain. Some had sought refuge among the Neutrals and the Eries, and shared the disasters which soon overwhelmed those tribes; others succeeded in reaching the Andastes; while the inhabitants of two towns, St. Michel and St. Jean Baptiste, had recourse to an expedient which seems equally strange and desperate, but which was in accordance with Indian practices. They contrived to open a communication with the Seneca Nation of the Iroquois, and promised to change their nationality and turn Senecas as the price of their lives. The victors accepted the proposal; and the inhabitants of these two towns, joined by a few other Hurons, migrated in a body to the Seneca country. They were not distributed among different villages, but were allowed to form a town by themselves, where they were afterwards joined by some prisoners of the Neutral Nation. They identified themselves with the Iroquois in all but religion,holding so fast to their faith, that, eighteen years after, a Jesuit missionary found that many of them were still good Catholics. [1]The clerk Phanos, the persecutor of the hetaeriae, entered the room, while his companion, a subaltern officer of the city police, remained standing at the entrance.

      Calling Eunoa, the oldest female slave in the house,170 she said to her: Clytie is ill. Sit down here outside of her door and let no one enter, not even her nurse. Do exactly as I tell you.At last the light spot appeared againthis time considerably nearer. Then several moments passed, during which it seemed to grow larger.

      Crows? repeated Myrtale in surprise.

      No, said Lycon quietly; you would not do that. You know that a man who has lived for years as a free citizen cannot become a bondsman.His best hope was in Tonty. Could that brave and true-hearted officer and the three or four faithful [Pg 203] men who had remained with him make good their foothold on the Illinois, and save from destruction the vessel on the stocks and the forge and tools so laboriously carried thither, then a basis was left on which the ruined enterprise might be built up once more. There was no time to lose. Tonty must be succored soon, or succor would come too late. La Salle had already provided the necessary material, and a few days sufficed to complete his preparations. On the tenth of August he embarked again for the Illinois. With him went his lieutenant La Forest, who held of him in fief an island, then called Belle Isle, opposite Fort Frontenac.[172] A surgeon, ship-carpenters, joiners, masons, soldiers, voyageurs and laborers completed his company, twenty-five men in all, with everything needful for the outfit of the vessel.


      [8] Ragueneau, Relation des Hurons, 1650, 20.


      Thence they sailed round the head of the Bay of Fundy, coasted its northern shore, visited and named the river St. John, and anchored at last in Passamaquoddy Bay.


      I can smooth over Periphas murder, said Nomion, but Tydeus assassination is a harder matter. How did he perish?